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Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk - One of Australia's Great Walks

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Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk was formerly known as bothfeet walking tours.

We’ll let you in on a secret. It’s not the walking that’s the best part of the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, or any walk for that matter. It’s the finishing. Not in a “thank goodness that’s over!” kind of way. It’s the feeling at the end when you’ve done it. And you know you’ve done it. You’ve surprised and enjoyed yourself and made yourself proud of….you.

In the beginning, it might seem hard to find four days in a busy schedule to go for a walk: At the end you’ll be wondering why it’s only four days. View the walk itinerary.

The Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk brings together only ten like-minded people at a time, peels away the stress, importance and busyness of every day, fills you with clean, lovely air and puts life back on track, one step at a time. Nourished daily with choice morsels prepared by chef and encouraged on trail by our nurturing eco-guides, you will be brave and fearless in the pursuit of adventure. Our many good deeds remind how much you needed this.

Our walkers are the privileged few. With space for less than 900 people a year, this not a super-highway. And each year, those places fill faster as people from all ‘round the world place greater value on the precious time and space we Australians often take for granted. Check our latest trip prices and availability. Alternatively, buy a gift voucher for someone special and make their day!

So, go on. Be it a walk of celebration at a special time in your life, alone, together or with friends, or perhaps a time to reflect and just be, we put a lot of effort into the curation of our walk so your Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk will be worth walking for.

The Trail To The 12 Apostles

Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk is an exclusive 4 day 3 night guided experience and is the perfect short break hiking holiday. Taking in the last half of the Great Ocean Walk from Castle Cove (40-56km), this walk is east to west and ends at the Twelve Apostles with a scenic helicopter flight showing you the end of the track you just walked.

An Apostle in its truest sense is a messenger, a wanderer, a journeyman, but one with a destination in mind. For four days your anticipation grows for the limestone rock stacks that stand strong against the wild southern ocean. Twelve originally, but four have succumbed to the relentlessness of nature. Fear not, time will ensure other sections of the cliff take their place.

There’s no doubt you will come with the Apostles as your goal, but perhaps another section of the trail will ambush your heart and make itself your favourite. Personal epiphanies are often had while walking the two kilometre stretch of Johanna Beach, moments of realisation that the simple things in life are what matter from the lookout at Ryan’s Den, new friendships cemented in the wide Australian bush trail from Moonlight Head to The Gables and many a “Day 2” is gasped at the end as being both challenging and rewarding. Tackle that and people can take on the world.

The sum of our parts add up to something pretty special, but a large piece in the puzzle is the trail. We utilise a trail known as the Great Ocean Walk, which runs from Apollo Bay in the East to the Twelve Apostles in the West. The Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk uses the second half, the section from Castle Cove to the Apostles themselves, via Johanna Beach and Moonlight Head. It is up to 55km in length, but there are options for shorter days and of course our team and the comfortable lodge are your support along the way.

Day 1: Melbourne to the Lodge (moderate) - (7.45am one central pick up location)

  • Walk: Castle Cove to Johanna Beach, a stunning section of coastal walking that ends with 2km of beach walking. Just magic.
  • Stay: 3 nights, the Lodge owned by Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk.
  • Distance: 7.5km (+3km lodge walk in option at the end)

Day 2: Milanesia Gate to Moonlight Head (hard)

  • Milanesia to Moonlight Head brings wild, rugged coastal cliffs, inky Antarctic Waters and challenging undulating terrain.
  • Walk out of the Lodge to add 8km and make the day a challenge.
  • Distance: standard walk: 12.5km (+8km longer walk option)

Day 3: Moonlight Head to Princetown (moderate)

  • Stunning forest trail leads to beautiful Wreck Beach on day 3, a reminder of bygone hazardous ocean faring voyages. Then gentler walking to river flats at Princetown.
  • Distance: 12.5km (+5km option)

Day 4: Princetown to the Twelve Apostles (moderate)

  • The triumphant end to the Twelve Apostles. Savour the rewards of walking with an intimate, exclusive lookout and an included helicopter scenic flight.
  • Return transfer to Melbourne Airport (5pm for flights from 6pm) or Melbourne CBD central dropoff location (5.30pm).
  • Distance: 8km


So you think all walking lodges were created equal? Uh-uh. No way. The Lodge at the heart of the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk is the “jam in our donut”: that special surprise you hoped was there and good, but Oh! It’s so much nicer than you could have imagined.

We have all the functions covered: Five large, beautiful king bedrooms with an ensuite, that cleverly divide in half for two singles (with no single supplement); plenty of water, hot hot showers, heating, passive solar design, foot spas, live in chef and a central licenced dining room that makes you long for old fashioned family dinners every night of the week.

Gavin and Dana incorporated many best practices into the building: self sufficient water supply, on site waste water treatment, low consumption electric and water fittings, hydronic heating, composting, kitchen garden. That said, we aren't a boot camp! We provide hair dryers in your room, use Myrtle & Moss toiletries and can readily cater for special dietary requirements. The lodge has mobile coverage (with Telstra only) and wireless internet with power points in your room to charge batteries.

We allow ourselves a rare stroke of selfishness when it comes to the Lodge. We don’t share it with anyone else, so the only way to stay is to join a walk. The upside is you can make yourself at home, and that the dress code for dinner is anywhere between pyjamas and a suit.

Food and Wine

We know that what you eat can be as important as where you walk each day. After all, when all the details are taken care of and you bring life back to basics, what’s for lunch and dinner becomes a very serious thought train. So we take it very seriously.

We sometimes wonder whether people walked at all, that good is the feedback on our food. Our attentive live-in chef has developed menus that complement the trail experience, showcasing local and regional ingredients accompanied by regional wines and micro brew beers. The meals are delicious and so far beyond what you would think you’d be eating on a hike. Everything is made from base so we can cater for dietary requirements, from a simple food dislike to the most serious allergy.

Meticulously planned to deliver low GI, slow releases of energy over the day we know you will want to pack chef in your bags and take him home. But like all good sustainable walkers, you should leave things where you find them!

Flora and Fauna

Unique and abundant are two words to describe the wildlife and fauna on the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk. Rarely an hour goes by without some exquisite bird or native animal coming into sight. And we seem to have shrubs, bushes and trees that flower for much of the walking season. Undoubtedly a treat for hikers from Australia and further afield.

You can expect to see wallabies, kangaroos, echidnas, and hear nocturnal small marsupials such as sugar gliders and antechinus. Koalas can be seen on as an optional evening side trip. Birds include wedge tail eagles, cockatoos, galahs and rare hooded plovers on the beaches between Cape Otway and Johanna. Water birds are abundant at Aire River and we have over 50 species of birds sighted on the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk lodge property by keen spotters.

Twelve Apostles Great Ocean Road Guided Walk - Prices and booking

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