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Tours of Sydney Opera House.

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Sydney Opera House is a masterpiece of late modern architecture. It is admired internationally and proudly treasured by the people of Australia. It was created by a young architect who understood and recognised the potential provided by the site against the stunning backdrop of Sydney Harbour. Denmark's Jorn Utzon gave Australia a challenging, graceful piece of urban sculpture in patterned tiles, glistening in the sunlight and invitingly aglow at night.

One of the most iconic buildings in the world the Sydney Opera House is an architectural masterpiece, a vibrant performance space and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It's a place where the past shapes the future, where conventions are challenged and cultures are celebrated. Step inside and discover the stories that make the Opera House so inspiring.

Spectacular from a distance. Even better up close! What better way to experience the magnificence of this amazing building that join one of the Opera House's intimate tours.

The Sydney Opera House Tour

The Sydney Opera House is one of the world's most recognisable landmarks and this one hour tour is your chance to truly get up-close.

Run your hands over the world-famous shell tiles, take a seat in the elegant custom-made white birch timber chairs and marvel at the vaulted ceilings. Visit areas off-limits to the public and capture photographs from rare vantage points. Explore theatres and foyers where more than 1600 concerts, operas, dramas and ballets take place each year.

Wear comfortable shoes, as this is a walking tour with 200+ steps, for those with limited mobility there is 12pm Access Tour. We stage lots of live performances, so venues are subject to availability at the time of your tour.

The Sydney Opera House Backstage Tour

The Opening Act, start the day like a VIP. Meet at Stage Door for this backstage experience, and join an intimate group to begin your exploration. Get ready to see first-hand what it's like inside the orchestra pit, explore inside a dressing room and hear insider stories and secrets from your tour guide along the way.

The Real Story, as Much Drama Back-stage as On-stage. Relish the opportunity to get a glimpse into the demanding, passionate, dramatic (and sometimes scandalous) world of our performers as our guides impart the stories and insider secrets of what really happens behind the curtain.

A Grand Finale, the Inner-Workings of a Living House. From pulleys to props, sequins to sound-checks, we take you through nooks and crannies not known to the public. Discover what makes the Sydney Opera House both a world-renown icon and a world-class performance venue. Complete the experience with a delicious, hot breakfast in the Green Room - the exclusive domain of our crew and performers.